Monday, 28 February 2011


Rehearsals have finished and we are all excited about venturing out with this subject matter to Secondary Schools over the next 5 weeks, and it all kicks off in Ceredigion today!

During our 2 weeks of preparation for these Forum Theatre session's discoveries and realisations were sought and made, but more importantly a genuine appreciation with regards to how easily it is to get sucked in to this new phenomenon, and how and uncomplicated press of a button can lead to some horrendous and life changing encounters.

If we were to take a Polaroid picture of ourselves naked, there would be at least 4 different opportunities for us to THINK and DECIDE as to whether this is the right thing to do.

1- when we take the picture
2- when you put that picture in the envelope
3 - when you write a recipients address on that envelop
4 - during the long walk to the post box
5 - just as we go to post that picture.

5 moments to contemplate, way up, scrutinise your decision. You just would not do it!!!

All this time is taken away when we introduce the humble mobile phone into the equation. It's a simple case of out of sight out of mind, until that fateful day when we realise that everything we send into cyberspace is retrievable and will inevitably come back to haunt us.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Dros y ddau ddiwrnod diwetha mae cast a chriw cynhyrchiad SXTO Arad Goch wedi bod allan ar leoliad mewn Ysgol leol yn saethu'r golygfeydd ar ffurf fideo, er mwyn uwchlwytho'r deunydd i flog newydd sbon fydd yn cyd fynd a'r prosiect dros y 3 blynnedd nesaf.

Over the past two days Arad Goch's SEXTING cast and crew have been out on location in a local High School, filming the SEXTING scenes for a brand new online blog which will coincide with the project over the next 3 years.

Bydd 'SXTO'ar daith o amgylch Ysgolion Uwchradd Ceredigion, Sir Benfro a Sir Gar o Ddydd Llun nesaf ymlaen!

'SEXTING' will be touring High Schools in Ceredigion, Carmarthenhire and Pembrokeshire from next Monday onwards!

Bydd y cast a'r criw yn blogio ar hyd y daith felly cadwch fyny gyda'r newyddion diweddaraf yma!

The cast and crew will be blogging throughout the tour so watch this space for the latest news!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Director Angharad Lee rehersing with actors Nia Ann and Endaf Davies

'Sexting' is the term used to describe the type of bullying that takes place through text messages, and usually involves sending a sexually orientated text message, and is an increasing problem for young people and in schools. Over the next three years we will be collaborating with Carmarthenshire County Council on a project to create awareness of the consequences of Sexting in Schools.

We are delighted that author and television presenter Bethan Gwanas has agreed to work with us on the project. Based on real life stories and research, Bethan has currently created a series of dramatic scenes portraying 'Sexting' scenarios in schools.

With a cast of young actors directed by Angharad Lee, these scenes will tour schools in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire from February 28 onwards.

Forum Theatre techniques will be used in the production to encourage the young audience to respond and discuss the individual scenes, to make them think about what they would do or change if they were in the same situation.

To continue the discussion and develop the story and characters, an interactive resource will be created to enable young people to discuss, share experiences and develop the story. The ultimate aim is for Bethan to create a script for a stage show using the input, discussions and ideas of the young people.

Watch this space for further info about our online blog!


Dafydd Evans a Nia Ann - Dau o gast SXTO yn ymarfer yng Nghanolfan Arad Goch. Chwefror 2011.

SXTO neu ‘Sexting’ yw’r term a ddefnyddir i ddisgrifio’r math o fwlian sy’n digwydd trwy neges destun, gan amlaf trwy anfon llun anweddus neu neges gas, ac mae’n broblem gynyddol ymhlith pobl ifanc ac o fewn Ysgolion. Dros y tair blynedd nesaf byddwn yn cydweithio â Chyngor Sir Gaerfyrddin ar brosiect i greu ymwybyddiaeth o sgil effeithiau SXTO.

Rydym yn hynod o falch fod yr awdur a'r gyflwynwraig Bethan Gwanas wedi cytuno i gydweithio ar y prosiect hwn. Mae Bethan eisioes wedi creu cyfres o olygfeydd dramatig sy'n ymdrin â'r math o sefyllfaoedd sy'n codi mewn ysgolion, wrth i bobl ifanc anfon lluniau anweddus trwy neges destun.

Dan gyfarwyddyd Angharad Lee a chast o actorion ifanc; Nia Ann, Dafydd Evans, Endaf Davies a Lowri Sion, bydd y golygfeydd hyn yn teithio o amgylch ysgolion Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion a Sir Benfro o'r 28ain o Chwefror am 5 wythnos.

Defnyddir technegau Theatr Fforwm o fewn y cynhyrchiad, er mwyn annog y gynulleidfa ifanc i ymateb a thrafod y golygfeydd unigol, er mwyn meddwl beth fydden nhw'n ei wneud neu'n newid petaen nhw yn yr un sefyllfa.

Er mwyn parhau'r drafodaeth a datblygu'r stori a'r cymeriadau, bydd adnodd rhyngweithiol yn cael ei greu er mwyn i bobl ifanc drafod, rhannu profiadau a datblygu'r stori. Y nod yn y pendraw yw i Bethan greu sgript ar gyfer sioe lwyfan gan ddefnyddio mewnbwn, trafodaethau a syniadau'r bobl ifanc.

Bydd manylion am y blog yn cael ei ychwanegu yma'n fuan iawn felly gwyliwch y gofod!