Monday, 28 February 2011


Rehearsals have finished and we are all excited about venturing out with this subject matter to Secondary Schools over the next 5 weeks, and it all kicks off in Ceredigion today!

During our 2 weeks of preparation for these Forum Theatre session's discoveries and realisations were sought and made, but more importantly a genuine appreciation with regards to how easily it is to get sucked in to this new phenomenon, and how and uncomplicated press of a button can lead to some horrendous and life changing encounters.

If we were to take a Polaroid picture of ourselves naked, there would be at least 4 different opportunities for us to THINK and DECIDE as to whether this is the right thing to do.

1- when we take the picture
2- when you put that picture in the envelope
3 - when you write a recipients address on that envelop
4 - during the long walk to the post box
5 - just as we go to post that picture.

5 moments to contemplate, way up, scrutinise your decision. You just would not do it!!!

All this time is taken away when we introduce the humble mobile phone into the equation. It's a simple case of out of sight out of mind, until that fateful day when we realise that everything we send into cyberspace is retrievable and will inevitably come back to haunt us.

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