Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gavin's getting fed up on tour!

Well I'm strting 2 get really annoyed now,almost every single teenager we've met on tour is blaming me 4 that photo of Lowri that's on Facebook - it was only a bit of fun, I didn't know it was illegal 2 send rude pics, and it wasn't me who made her take it in the first place was it?! Duh!

If that wasn't bad enough, I'm also getting the blame for what happend with Frenchy, apparently I shld get kicked out of School and guess what?! It wasn't me who took that photo up her skirt in the French Class - I was pushing Mike to get him 2 do it but he didn't have 2 do what I said did he?! If he tried 2 push me 2 take the photo no way wld I have done it!

2 be honest I'm starting 2 get scared about what's gonna happen 2 me next. I mean these kids we're meeting, they r like jury members deciding my future and I'm starting 2 think that I'm never gonna get out of this mess. The kids think I'm a real bad guy and I'm gonna turn into my Uncle Gary, some of them even said that I'll end up in prison in a few years!

These kids really have got it all SO wrong, come on guys open ur eyes.......

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